Brad Hazzard is encouraging Wakehurst locals to spend time with an older loved one and to celebrate the important role older people play in the community this Grandparents Day, Sunday 31 October.

“There is greater need now more than ever to connect with older members of our families. Grandparents Day is the perfect day to show grandparents just how much they are loved and appreciated,” Mr Hazzard said.

“I really encourage everyone to spend the time to reach out to their grandparent or a senior they know and thank them this Grandparents Day.”

The NSW Government supports the celebrations for Grandparents Day through a number of initiatives, including the Local Grandparent of the Year Awards.

Local communities have been asked to put forward an exceptional grandparent from their community.

“We have some truly inspiring grandparents and seniors in Wakehurst that support loved ones and the wider community.

“Grandparents Day is the perfect time to put a spotlight on a truly special grandparent in Wakehurst and give them the recognition they deserve,” said Mr Hazzard.

Minister for Seniors Natalie Ward said that grandparents play an active and integral role in the lives of families.

“The love and care grandparents give to their families is priceless. We also know that intergenerational connections are proven to result in less depression, better physical health and higher degrees of life satisfaction, for the benefit of both old and young.”

The current pandemic may prevent us from celebrating in the way we’d like, but I ask everyone to pick up the phone or pay a special visit to their older loved ones. Let’s put a smile on our grandparents’ faces this Grandparent’s Day.”

For more information on the Local Grandparent of the Year Awards and to find out how your local area is celebrating Grandparents Day, visit: