NSW Digital Driver’s Licence

On 3 November the Premier and the Minister for Customer Service officially released the state wide rollout of the NSW Digital Driver’s Licence (DDL).

NSW drivers can now go wallet free and use a Digital Driver Licence on their smartphone for proof of identity and proof of age for pubs and clubs, and for roadside police checks, with the technology officially going live.

The DDL is hosted securely on the new Service NSW app, locks with a PIN and can be accessed offline. It will provide additional levels of security and protection against identity fraud, compared to the plastic driver licence.

The NSW Government is working closely with other sectors to have them come on board and accept the DDL. This includes nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, supermarkets, convenience stores and tobacco retailers. Watch this space.

Drivers who opt-in are encouraged to carry their plastic licence in the initial stages.

For more information about how to recognise and accept the DDL visit https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/digital-driver-licence

To get a DDL, licence holders will need to create a MyServiceNSW Account at www.service.nsw.gov.au and download the Service NSW mobile app on their smartphone. The DDL will always be opt-in only.