NSW Parliament

The NSW Parliament is democratically elected to represent you and your community.

The NSW Parliament is located in Sydney and is the oldest Parliament in Australia. The law making process and the procedures of the Parliament are important for everyone to understand.

There are a number of useful links on this page containing information about the Parliaments’ history, procedures and the role of Parliamentarians. If you require further assistance or copies of this information please contact my office.

Information is also available from the NSW Parliament, Education and Community Relation Section at [email protected], or by calling 9230 2111 (ask for the Education and Community Relations section).

The links on this page are a useful tool for school students looking for information about the NSW Parliament for school projects and for school teachers planning to take students to Parliament for a tour.

For teachers wishing to arrange tours of parliament, please note that you may make such arrangements through the parliament on 9230 2111. However, if you would like me to attend with your students on the day of your visit, it would be preferable to check with my office as to whether I will be able to be in parliament on the day of your proposed visit.

I’m also available to visit local schools to talk with the students about government, the processes of parliament, and my role as an MP. Please contact my office to arrange a visit.

For community groups such as Probus, Rotary, Lions, RSL groups or others, you may also contact my office and we can assist your community group in arranging a visit to Parliament House.