2019 Senior School Captains Dinner

Just recently, I invited Junior School Captains into Parliament House to acknowledge their contribution as school leaders.

On 18 October however, it was the Senior School Captains’ turn and I was delighted to host representatives from Forest High, NBSC Cromer Campus, Killarney Heights High, Oxford Falls Grammar and St Augustine’s College at a dinner in the Strangers’ Dining Room.

This is something that I have done every year since becoming the Member for Wakehurst and it is always an enjoyable occasion.

This year was no different and our we had great discussions which I found very insightful.  I am incredibly proud of all that our senior leaders have achieved this year.

Thank you to the following students who attended in 2019:

Forest:  Elizabeth Raffin and Joshua Short.

NBSC Cromer Campus:  Amy Gill and Anasha Rostamians

Killarney Heights:  Claire Matthews and Charlie Orton.

Oxford Falls:  Abbey Van Haren and Luke Lambley.

St Augustine’s:  Benjamin Copping and Joseph Dunne