Wakehurst Celebrates NSW Grandparents Day

Celebrate a Grandparent You Know

Grandparents Day is on Sunday 28th October and it is a great opportunity for us all to celebrate the important role older people play in the local community.

Grandparents and seniors give so much back.

We know that in Australia grandparents are the biggest providers of informal child care for children between birth and 12 years. This care is particularly helpful to parents in the workforce who have young babies or toddlers.

I have seen the remarkable contributions older people make on a daily basis in our community first hand. Whether it be taking the kids to weekend sport, or volunteering at local schools, or spending time at local community hubs, all of these efforts create a stronger community.

Grandparents Day is a chance for us to recognise the important work they do in strengthening our communities.

Apart from recognising grandparents and seniors, it is vital that we all take the time to connect with older loved ones.

The NSW Government provided $200,000 to organisations across NSW to host events that engage and celebrate grandparents of all ages and abilities.

There are so many selfless seniors in our community who work hard volunteering their time, sharing their knowledge and wisdom, and supporting their families.

I would encourage everyone to reach out to their grandparent or a senior they know to connect and thank them this Grandparents Day.

To find local events and activities, visit: https://www.grandparentsday.nsw.gov.au/.