Shoosh For Kids Reminds Everyone Sport Should Be Fun

I call on community members, spectators and athletes across Wakehurst to keep junior sport focused on fun this season as part of the ‘Shoosh for Kids’ awareness week, running from 12-18 November.

The pre-summer season is the perfect time to have conversations about why sport needs to be kept positive for the kids.

Sport brings our communities together and SHOOSH for Kids makes sure we keep a smile on everyone’s face while playing sport.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a player, spectator or official, sport should be a fun, safe and enjoyable activity for all participants.

The campaign also works hand in hand with supporting officials and volunteers, who are the lifeblood of grassroots sport.

If local sporting groups are creating positive and welcoming environments there is no doubt more kids will play sport.

SHOOSH for Kids is all about reminding people that sport is more about the fun than the scoreboard.

Basketball NSW CEO, Maria Nordstrom said she has been a strong supporter of the SHOOSH for Kids program since its inception and continues to run the program year-round.

As an organisation Basketball NSW promotes a strong culture of zero tolerance for negativity on the sidelines and want to ensure the top priority is kids enjoying the game. SHOOSH enables us to continue to promote a positive sporting environment.

CEO of Cricket NSW, Andrew Jones said that by keeping comments positive, cricket can be fun and enjoyed by all with a focus on enjoyment, friendships and getting active.

Cricket NSW is incredibly supportive of the Shoosh for Kids program which is a fantastic reminder to all of our local cricket parents and families that we need to maintain a positive sporting environment.

Summer sports participating in Shoosh for Kids Week include Basketball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Little Athletics, Softball, Swimming, Tennis and Touch. Clubs and associations can sign up to support the campaign, download the free resources and share the message with their members at

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