We are delighted to announce the release of the NSW Government’s new free ‘Speed Adviser’ app, that alerts motorists they are about to enter a school zone.

The best way to avoid a speeding fine is not to speed – but for those wanting additional reminders the new app would literally warn them with an audio alert.

“For those motorists who don’t notice school flashing lights or school zone signs there is now another means to recognise you are entering a school zone.

“It’s called our ‘Speed Adviser’ but I’ve dubbed it the ‘Last Chance’ app.

“It is the only app with information on every school zone in NSW and informs motorists they are approaching an operational school zone with a speed limit of 40 km/h.

 “The App also alerts drivers when a speed limit changes and warns drivers if they exceed the speed limit – repeating the warning continually until the legal limit is complied with.

“Motorists can set it before they leave home or work and it will provide audio alerts. There is no need to interact with the app at all while driving, in line with laws applying to mobile phones and GPS devices.

“I caution drivers that this app doesn’t replace speed limit signage, judgment about conditions and vigilance which all drivers need to exercise.

“Like all new apps, it will evolve as we further enhance it. As we trial the app, users can send us feedback at or [email protected]