National Adoption Awareness Month: Finding A Forever Home For Our Most Vulnerable

I welcome the NSW Government’s commitment to finding a safe, permanent and loving home for children in out-of-home care.

National Adoption Awareness Month is an opportunity to promote the benefits of safety, stability and permanency for vulnerable children.

We know children do best when they grow up in a stable, nurturing environment. That is why the NSW Government is reforming the child protection system to ensure all children have a permanent home within two years of entering the system, whether that is through restoration, guardianship or open adoption.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful adoptive parents in Wakehurst and encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a carer, guardian or adoptive parent to contact My Forever Family NSW.

NSW leads the nation with open adoptions from out-of-home care, giving more children the chance to thrive with a forever family.

We are committed to supporting families to stay together. When that is not possible we must find a forever home for children through guardianship or open adoption.

The NSW Government achieved a record number of 140 open adoptions in NSW in 2017/18 and has invested $17 million over two years to target more than 1000 open adoptions over the next four years.

For information about how to become a carer please visit