Motorists To Receive Green Slip Refunds

  • The vast majority of NSW motorists will receive a CTP Green Slip refund next year as part of the NSW Government’s reforms that make the scheme fairer and more affordable.
  • About $300 million will be returned to motorists across the state in addition to the $120 saved on the average premium under the new scheme.
  • Refund amounts will differ between motorists depending on when they renew their Green Slip. The closer to 1 December 2017 a motorist pays their premium, the larger the refund.
  • Sydney motorists, who pay the highest Green Slip prices, will see the largest refunds, at an average of $70, while country motorists will see refunds of around $30.
  • The Government will also fund an advertising campaign next year to inform motorists of their legal rights under the new scheme as well explaining their refund entitlements. Further information is available at