Frenchs Forest State Significant Site Dumped

Frenchs Forest State Significant Site Dumped

In 2012 the former Labor Government announced it was considering declaring part of Frenchs Forest/Allambie Heights a State Significant Site (SSS).

If it had proceeded – it was suggested Frenchs Forest would become ‘another Chatswood’.

Two strongly supported public meetings opposed the SSS declaration – particularly because of transport concerns.

After I was appointed Minister for Planning & Infrastructure, I insisted a full transport study be completed.

The report confirmed the roads & local transport could not justify the SSS declaration.

After reviewing all data available, as Minister for Planning I announced I would not allow the SSS declaration to proceed.

Our area will still grow – particularly when our new hospital is built. But it won’t be another Chatswood!

I have instructed the Department of Planning & Infrastructure to work with Warringah Council to consult the community about what changes residents want to happen as our area evolves.

Thank you to the community members who spoke up at the public meetings!

Real voices – real action.