Fallen Officers Honoured On National Police Remembrance Day

Saturday 29 September is National Police Remembrance Day and I ask the community to pause and reflect on the sacrifice of our fallen NSW Police officers. 

Our police officers go to work day in and day out not knowing what they will confront in the line of duty, or whether they will return home safely at the end of their shift.

On this day, it is important that we acknowledge those officers who have lost their lives as a result of their policing career. But we must also pay our respects to our local men and women in blue who work tirelessly to keep us safe from harm every day.

Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line day-in day-out attending to violent incidents and calls for assistance, not knowing what to expect but ready to do their job and protect the community.

NSW services for National Police Remembrance Day will be held throughout the week leading up to 29 September.

For more information please see below links: https://www.police.nsw.gov.au/about_us/remembrance_for_fallen_police_officers/remembrance/police_remembrance_day

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