CTP Reforms – a win for drivers

Around $120 will be shaved off the average Green Slip for motorists in Wakehurst under the NSW Government’s CTP reforms.

The current scheme is one of the least affordable in the country and delivers just 45 cents in every Green Slip dollar to injured road users, with the rest going to scheme costs such as legal fees, insurer profits and medical fees.

Over the last decade, Wakehurst Green Slip prices have increased by 85 per cent, with the average Wakehurst motorist now paying $700. This is simply unfair and motorists deserve better.

The new scheme will deliver motorists a fairer and more affordable scheme, whilst ensuring injured road users receive adequate support. The new scheme is expected to come into effect in December 2017.

To find out how much you could save, visit http://www.sira.nsw.gov.au/green-slips/ctp-green-slip-reforms/green-slip-check