Launch of NSW Ambulance mascot – Bearamedic

Bear cottage is a special place and one I’m delighted to support.

Bear Cottage is the only Children’s Hospice in NSW and cares for terminally ill children and their families for respite and end of life care. At Bear Cottage, “life is for living” and today, we were fortunate enough to join you and create some precious memories; making every moment count.

The amazing work undertaken by the staff in the facility is an inspiration to us all.

To you we say thank you for your unwavering dedication and support for those in need.

The team from NSW Ambulance have certainly worked to spread the Christmas cheer.

This has perhaps been one of the most important missions of the year for our helicopter paramedics and doctors on board the Toll & NSW Ambulance Rescue Helicopter fleet. This team deliver critical care to patients across the state from their impressive new state-of-the-art helicopter.It’s also a milestone moment – with the iconic Bandaged Bear who is renowned across the state welcoming NSW Ambulance’s very own ‘Bearamedic’ into his new role of teaching kids aged 1-10 across the state about Triple Zero, urgencies or emergencies and basic first aid.

Teaching life-saving triple zero lessons at an early age is vitally important.Bearamedic, his friends Paramedics Pete and Pippa, and Call Taker Carly – I encourage everyone to head to the NSW Ambulance website and to follow Bearamedic on Facebook to learn more.What better way to unveil our new friend Bearamedic than to this special group of people.