2018 NSW Seniors’ Stories Set To Inspire

Volunteering in Cambodia, relearning how to ride a motorbike at the brink of retirement, and stories of war veterans’ relatives connecting decades after World War I, are just a handful of the stories revealed in the latest edition of Seniors’ Stories.

I encourage local residents to get a copy of Seniors’ Stories Volume 4, which includes over 100 inspiring short stories written by seniors – two from our very own electorate. I congratulate Ruth Banks who wrote ‘A Surprising Outcome’ and Allan Hull who wrote ‘Finally a Chance Encounter’.

I would urge everyone to download a copy of the book or head to the library to read a copy which is set to make you laugh, cry and be inspired.

Society can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of our seniors and this book allows older people to pass on their stories to younger generations to enjoy as well.

The cover of Seniors’ Stories Volume 4 features this year’s winner of the NSW Grandparents Day Photography Competition. A copy can be found at all local libraries across NSW from December or downloaded from www.seniorscard.nsw.gov.au.